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Keratitis: A Complete Guide

Keratitis is a relatively common inflammation of the cornea. This inflammation may be caused by bacteria, injury to the eye, or dry eyes, and is associated with some medical conditions (such as thyroid disease). Prompt diagnosis and treatment of keratitis is necessary...

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Trachoma: It’s Infectious, but Treatable

What Is Trachoma? An infection caused by a species of chlamydia, trachoma is highly treatable and preventable, but it continues to be a major cause of blindness in developing countries. In its initial stages, trachoma is treated with oral or topical antibiotics, but...

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Everything You Should Know About Monovision

Monovision is a variation on the standard use of contact lenses to help people who don’t see as well close-up because of age-related changes to the eye. With monovision, one lens is prescribed to see better at a distance, and the other lens is prescribed to see better...

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What You Should Know About Retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma is a rare form of eye cancer that is typically diagnosed in small children, often under the age of two, and usually under the age of five. The disease usually affects only one eye, but in about a third of cases, both eyes are affected. In the United...

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Surfer’s Eye (Pterygium and Pingueculua)

The term Surfer’s Eye (also known as pterygium or pinguecula) refers to a benign but sometimes cosmetically undesirable growth on the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of tissue on the eye. A pterygium begins as a pinguecula, a yellowish spot or lesion on the...

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