Equipment: Four foot string with three different colored beads on it.

Purpose: To develop binocular coordination, specifically convergence with accommodation. Also, memory tasks.

Procedure: One end of the string to a door knob, and have patient hold other end to his/her nose. The patient may be seated or standing with the string at eye level. Spread the beads out, with the first one about 1 foot in front of the nose, and each consecutive bead one foot from the
next one.

Have the patient look at the first bead, and see the string crossing right at the hole in the bead, with two strings in front, and two strings in back. Then proceed on to the next bead, attempting to get the same pattern. When the patient is able to get the ” X ” at each bead, begin to rhythmically shift from bead to bead, calling out the color of the bead at each shift.


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