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Eye Anatomy: How Do Our Eyes Work?

Over the first three years of life, the eyes grow rapidly, reaching their full size (just shy of one inch, or 2.4 cm) by the age of 13. The visible part of the eyeball makes up 1/6 of the eye’s total surface area, with the rest hidden behind the eyelids.

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How To Choose The Best Eye Drops for You

How To Choose The Best Eye Drops for You Do you need eye drops, but are unsure of which one to buy? You’ve come to the perfect place to learn about the various types of eye drops out there. Why Are There So Many Eye Drops? Walking down most store pharmaceutical...

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Healthy Eyes — Eating Right For Your Eye’s Sake

The eyes connect to the body in various ways. This is why the health of your body can affect your eyes. Nutrition is a process in which the body digests food to obtain the nutrients it needs for growth and repair purposes.  Consuming foods and supplements that supply...

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Retinitis Pigmentosa: Symptoms, Treatment and Risks

Retinitis pigmentosa is a term used to describe a group of eye diseases that damage the retina. The retina is the layer of tissue located in the back of the inner eye that converts light images to nerve signals and transmits them to the brain.  Also known as RP,...

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A Complete Guide to Strabismus

More commonly known as “crossed eyes,” strabismus is a disorder that causes the eyes not to line up in the same direction or look at the same object.  With strabismus, the eyes can point in (esotropia, or crossed eyes), out (exotropia), up (hypertropia), or down...

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Optic Neuritis — Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Optic neuritis is the medical term used to describe inflammation of the optic nerve. Normally, the optic nerve sends signals from the retina to the brain. When the optic nerve is inflamed, these signals are disrupted and vision becomes impaired. This condition...

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